Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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Securely extend network access to remote locations.

Add security and privacy across public networks to enable seamless access data protected by firewalls with managed virtual private network (VPN) service. Establish site-to-site and/or transport security layer (TLS) tunnels combined with two-factor authentication and encrypt sensitive data in motion.

Expedient offers VPN solutions in support of remote locations as well as mobile users. Features including session idle timeouts and vendor appliance interoperability ensure compliance with industry and government mandates.

Use VPN whenever network access is required among trusted resources. Regional offices using commodity internet access methods, business partners with bona fide needs and traveling employees will benefit from two methods of access:

  • Secure User VPN
  • Site-to-Site VPN

Expedient VPN services can be implemented for geographic diversity as part of a disaster recovery plan in the cloud.

The Outcome You're Looking For℠

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Risk Mitigation

Safeguard data in transit that is categorized as sensitive or confidential.



Gain access to protected resources from an office or any remote location.

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