DRaaS Capabilities for All Your Worst Case Scenarios

Data Recovery and Security on Your Terms

Whether from ransomware, hardware failures, natural disasters, or human error, outages cost more than time and money. They damage reputations that take years to build and hours to crumble. To minimize that damage, organizations need to deploy disaster recovery solutions with the lowest possible recovery point objective (RPO) – how far back you want to replicate – and recovery time objective (RTO) – how quickly you want to restore.

Outages demand options, and our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) plans offer multiple options, built with an IT resiliency strategy that uses multiple tiers of RTO/RPO to align your recovery to business criticality.

Comparing DRaaS Options with Expedient

Feature Push Button Disaster Recovery Push Button DR On Demand
Dedicated Resources Guaranteed Variable
Reserve a dedicated environment that's always on, ready for a failover at the push of a button Resources are shared, so performance will depend on current server load
Network Failover Yes Yes
Recovery Technology Zerto/VCDA/Cohesity/Nutanix Zerto/VCDA
Secondary Resource Utilization Yes No
Use your environment for secondary production, test, or dev when not failed over Resources can only be used for disaster recovery
Post-Launch Testing Included Not Included
It's your environment. Test whenever you'd like! After successful test at launch, further tests incur same charges as other failovers


Scalable Deployment
Our purpose-built DRaaS solutions have been deployed across hundreds of different environments and thousands of VMs, so we can protect your workloads at scale.

Best-of-Breed Technology
With technology options from Zerto, VMware, Nutanix, and Cohesity, you can take advantage of the best disaster recovery capabilities without the management or maintenance

Tailored Solutions
We’ll help you match the criticality of your workloads to the DR solution that provides the most value

Disaster Recovery Testing
Integrate the platform into your application lifecycle without the manual effort.

Full Network Failover
There’s no need to re-IP or make DNS changes after failing over your compute and storage.

Control Your Recovery with Flexible, Cost-Effective Solutions

The available tiers of Disaster Recovery as a Service from Expedient are powered by best-of-breed technologies from Zerto, Nutanix, VMware, and Cohesity. They allow you to quickly protect your mission critical applications with minimal effort required from your in-house technical staff during deployment or ongoing management.

You get full control over when to perform your testing and failovers.

Security and Compliance

You get full control over when to perform your testing and failovers.

Start small and grow as your disaster recovery needs evolve

Cost Effective
Only pay for your real-world environment needs with a predictable monthly cost.

Easy-to-use, but Powerful
Single pane of glass management for IaaS platforms and disaster recovery testing and live failover.

All Expedient solutions are built with enterprise level high availability in mind and are backed by a full 100 percent SLA.

Monitoring dashboards provide visibility and ensure DRaaS solutions meet your business requirements.

Reserved resources can be purchased, so they begin working as soon as you initiate your failover.