Bring the cloud to your workforce.

And your workforce to the cloud.

One of the largest challenges organizations face has largely gone under the radar until recently: the workforce is changing and technology hasn't kept up. Instead of full-time employees at your office, you have a mix of employees, contractors, vendors, and gig workers scattered across the globe. How do you maximize productivity and stay secure while delivering your applications across devices and networks you don't control?


Expedient Enterprise Workspace offers scalable, highly available virtual desktop infrastructure-as-a-service that enables your modern distributed workforce to be productive and secure from anywhere with the same consistent experience and none of the heavy upfront purchase requirements.

True Desktop OS
Feel right at home in a full-fledged and familiar Microsoft Windows 10 environment

Connect From Any Device
Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, thin clients, even a web browser or Chromebook

Conferencing Ready
Works with leading remote collaboration tools including Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Active Directory Integration
Natively integrate your existing Active Directory infrastructure for user authentication and management

Fully Secure
Two-Factor Authentication, Data Encryption at Rest, and encrypted connections from the endpoints to the virtual desktop

All flash storage optimized for virtual desktops and native, ongoing performance monitoring and tuning

Graphics-Intensive Performance Capabilities
GPUs shift the graphics processes from the workstation to Expedient, enabling design software like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, 3D graphics capabilities, and other heavy use cases without performance degradation

Easily Manage Your Images
Fully control desktop images and applications, and tailor them to support the diverse requirements of your hybrid workforce

Role-Based Access Control
Easy grouping and Active Directory integration make it simple and secure to give your diverse group of end users access to the desktop resources and storage they need

Bring Your Own License
Don't pay twice – if you already have an existing Windows subscription

VDI Without Compromise

Building and maintaining a virtual desktop infrastructure requires a large upfront purchase and creates a new layer of management and overhead for IT. This is additional research, design, patching, and support that they likely don’t have the capacity to add on. With Expedient Enterprise Workspace, you can skip the CapEx and overhead and go directly to delivering the consistent and performant user experience that your workforce demands. With full audio/ video optimization for collaboration tools, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, GPU for graphics acceleration, and highperformance CPUs and storage, distributed work won't mean a compromise on productivity, security, or resiliency.

Ensured Performance
Assessments of your existing desktop usage and ongoing performance tuning ensure optimal performance from day one

Fully Managed
Eliminate infrastructure management and focus on enabling your mobile workforce

Easy-to-use, but Powerful
Designed to be user-friendly for rapid adoption without losing any functionality

Work From Anywhere
Enable bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies without the massive CapEx

Operations Support Center (OSC)
24×7 OSC support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Start small and grow as your needs expand

Secure Your Data
Your data stays inside the data center instead of being spread across your endpoints

Security and Compliance

Cost Effective
Only pay for what you use with a predictable monthly cost

Desktops are better with cloud. Find Out Why

Client Spotlight

“Most companies offer a one size fits all and the one size doesn’t exactly fit all… Expedient came to the table with multiple options”