Enterprise AI Implementation

Key Areas of AI Focus for 2024: Where to start

AI will fundamentally transform your business in the next 5-10 years. But what are the first steps you need to take? Where are the primary areas of concern and how do you avoid them? How do you implement AI to capture the opportunities while being responsible to your customers and employees?

AI is moving fast. We’ll help you keep up!

Trying to determine your AI strategy for 2024? Not sure where to start? The Expedient AI team, led by SVP of AI Bradley Reynolds, will work with you to define the specific use cases that can move the needle for your organization. We're eager to discuss your goals, scope out a solution, and guide you down the path to realize that vision.

Responsible AI: Steps to Take

The Right Strategy

To understand how to implement an AI stack that creates the most value for your organization, think of how your body’s nervous system functions. General purpose AI models act as the “brains” of your implementation and niche-specific AI models as the “senses” used to interface and address your proprietary data. “Brains” would be models like GPT-4 which is behind ChatGPT. “Senses” would be models that speak languages like SQL, Accounting, Python, Marketing Copy and can be fine-tuned on your proprietary data. Much like your body’s neural signaling, having your data and AI infrastructure in close physical proximity enables the entire mechanism to work in the most fluid fashion.

Steps to take:


Define an AI use policy inside your business​

Balance the need for enriched AI experiences with privacy and proprietary interests.​

Provide an alternative to “Shadow AI”​ 

Safeguard against risks while promoting responsible and aligned AI development.

Define your AI use cases​

Ensure that AI projects are not just technically sound but also closely aligned with business objectives.​

Get your data “AI Ready”​

Eliminate incompatible protocols, structure, and ensuring optimal storage and accessibility.

Implement a Secure Private Inference solution

Run the AI inference alongside existing infrastructure with layered foundational models fine tuned on your data.

The Right Tools

Running AI places demands on infrastructure most organizations are trying to rid themselves of, including power, GPU, CPU, network, and cooling infrastructure. It requires broad scaling and redundancy software orchestration layers to ensure that your AI is always available at the size and scope required for your business.

As a full stack cloud service provider with more than a dozen data centers, Expedient has developed a curated technology stack encompassing both the hardware and software components of AI so that you can concentrate on where AI can drive business value and not on the complicated wiring under the hood.

With this AI compute stack in physical proximity to our AI-enabled data infrastructure enables control, security, and ultra-low latency. Additionally, we can present your data to AI in methods that the AI expects, like vector datastores.

With AI, speed is essential. Network speed specifically. And when your systems-of-record, including those on legacy hardware and data structures, are situated next to your cloud applications – network speed becomes a non-issue.

Laptop in center of room

The Right Guardrails

The potential benefits of AI are massive, but the dangers of how proprietary data is managed within public AI tools create significant organizational risk, especially in highly regulated industries. This has led to organizations pumping the brakes on AI adoption. According to a recent poll from Blackberry Limited, 75% of organizations worldwide are currently implementing or considering a ban on public generative AI applications.

Expedient AI CTRL, our managed inference service, is a private AI deployment that forms a secure barrier between public AI tools and your data to keep information protected and elevate operational efficiency. It also serves as a platform for fine-tuning where we can adapt AI models natively understand the unique aspects and approaches of your business.


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Start driving transformative outcomes with our AI Success Kit, which is full of the third-party thought leadership, reports, and other tools we use to stay on top of all the updates and advancements happening in AI technology. You can also watch a replay of our recent webinar, Defining Your AI Strategy.

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Responsible Enterprise AI

Private Inference Core

GPU-powered infrastructure optimized for intensive workloads and high-speed connectivity

Data Pipeline

High capacity low-latency data pathways across compute, storage, and the internet. Vector Database storage and ETLs

Prompt Cloak

Data Tokenization assures that round-trip interaction with public AI tools protects business data

AI Edge

Specialized edge system with cloud managed services deployed where minimal latency and AI processing is required

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