Less Noise, More Insights

Free Yourself from Patching and Break Fix to be More Strategic for Your Business

Day-to-day maintenance of your environment is a time-intensive process that requires resources that are already scarce. On top of that, data from your operations tooling requires manual interpretation before it can be acted on, which is difficult to do when they're spread across disparate applications. When you migrate your workloads to the cloud ﹣ or multiple clouds ﹣ those tools become even more disjointed and less useful.

With Expedient Operations CTRL, let Expedient manage and monitor your operating systems to enable your team to play a greater role in solving problems for your business.


Monitor Workloads Anywhere
Support for on-premises, enterprise, and hyperscale clouds, all from one console

Integrated Log Management
Consolidate your logging into the same system as your monitoring for a full view of your environment

User-Friendly Dashboards
Get to the bottom of a problem faster

Endpoint Security Integration
Bring your Expedient Endpoint Security events in to add malware and adversary alerting to your dashboards

Fully Managed
Expedient manages the platform so you can focus on your workloads

Coordinated Patching
Expedient will patch your servers and even manage patching with service turndown based on your workloads’ specific needs

Notification Integration
Connect and integrate alerts to your existing ticketing systems to get the right people on the problem faster

Customized Alerting
Reduce alert fatigue by tuning your alerting to exactly what you need and nothing more

Simplify Operations and Prevent Problems Instead of Reacting to Them

Expedient Operations CTRL enables organizations to move beyond the day-to-day operations of patching and monitoring and onto solving real business problems. With managed services and support from Expedient, you can scale your operational capacity to deliver more value to your business. Easy-to-use dashboards and full query support accelerate troubleshooting during outage events and help drive faster time-to-resolution. With a unified view of workloads across clouds and the ability to patch, manage, and secure workloads in one consistent manner, Expedient Operations CTRL makes managing multiple clouds a breeze.

Focus On What’s Important
Spend your time solving business problems, not keeping the lights on

Proactive Resolution
Surface problems and their causes faster to avoid outages before they happen

Better Visibility
Unify your view of your disparate environments into one singular source of truth

Wide Integration Support
Connect to dozens of platforms, applications, and services and leave no stone unturned

24×7 support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Security and Compliance

Powerful and Easy-to-use
Intuitive UI with infrastructure and application-level monitoring functionality

Start small and grow as you expand your footprint

Cost Effective
Only pay for what you use with a predictable monthly cost