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The demands on IT are unrelenting, especially as resources shrink and expectations balloon. Today, IT decisionmakers are required to think strategically and deliver tactically, maintain legacy technologies and drive innovative ones, and make networks open and flexible in response to an evolving workforce while keeping systems closed and secure to combat threats that continually grow more sophisticated.

As a full stack cloud service provider, Expedient partners with clients to offer managed services that allow them to focus on their core competencies instead of managing their infrastructure.


Proactive IT Support
Expedient minimizes downtime by handling patching and maintenance and monitoring logs to identify and solve problems before they occur

Expertise and Specialization
Close skills gaps with experts from Expedient handling hard-to-hire-for roles and infrastructure tasks

Scale your infrastructure up or down based on current needs, growth, or fluctuating IT requirements

Improved Security
Maintain consistent policies and employ a range of advanced security measures to protect against various types of cyber threats

Predictable budgeting based on a unique licensing model, set costs, and no egress fees

Enhanced Business Continuity
Reliable disaster tested disaster recovery – run by teams that have been through the process for thousands of clients

24x7x365 Support
Round-the-clock support US-based support to minimize issues and down-time

Legacy System Integration
Get faster time-to-value from cloudifying mission critical systems and applications

Strategic IT Planning
As a trusted advisor, we work closely with your team to understand your long-term goals and align our services accordingly

Do More, With Less

As a full stack cloud services provider, we help you centralize your managed services strategy, and manage both legacy and cloud-based infrastructure using common tools that leverage existing skills so you get more from your team. The quality and trustworthiness of our services have been recognized by both Channel Futures on the MSP 501 and CRN on their MSP 500 list, where we've shown up near the top for several years running.

Predictive Costs
Convert CapEx to Opex and say goodbye to the hardware refresh cycle, plus avoid spending valuable time on hardware and software maintenance

Focus on Core Business
With Expedient handling the complex, time-consuming aspects of IT infrastructure, refocus internal resources on areas that directly drive business growth and differentiation

Risk Reduction
Mitigate business risks where regulatory compliance, security, and data management are concerned with comprehensive data protection and network security services

Reduce Complexity and Technical Debt
Get cloud benefits from the applications your business is built on while modernizing and innovating your future-focused apps and processes

Scalability and Flexibility
Easily scale resources as your business grows and transfer spend across different services as needs change

Increased Reliability
All Expedient solutions are built with enterprise level high availability in mind and backed by a full 100% SLA

Security and Compliance

Faster Time to Value
Get up and running faster by lifting and shifting VMware workloads to the cloud, not refactoring

Nationwide Reach
Deploy to data centers throughout the country for low latency connections wherever you need them

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