Day 2 Operations

The fun part is over. Now the hard work begins.

Reclaim The IT Department

Everybody loves Day 1. You’ve spent months planning and designing your new platform. The meetings, the whiteboard sessions, the team huddles, they all lead to this: that new server smell. The hardware is up and running, the lights are blinking. We’re moving workloads. Now what?

It’s Day 2. That hardware you ordered? It didn’t account for the development team’s new vision of the billing system. That software you deployed? A critical security update was just released. Those workloads you moved? They need more resources. The fun part is over. Now the hard work begins.

Are you just keeping the lights on?

IT is split between solving business problems by helping create innovative solutions and dealing with the ongoing maintenance and support of the infrastructure that makes it all possible. It’s very hard to balance both. In some instances, it means pushing back an update to a request from the business. In others, it means longer times answer questions or close support tickets.

Time spent keeping the lights on – maintenance, patching, night and weekend work – is time not spent moving the business forward.

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Or moving the business forward?

When a company leverages a fully managed cloud platform with data protection and disaster recovery capabilities with a monitoring and management platform that covers everything from service alerting to operating system patching, the amount of time handed back to IT is astronomical.

Suddenly, “we don’t have time for that” turns into “what are we going to accomplish next?”

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The Lights Always Have to Stay On

As a full stack cloud service provider, Expedient partners with clients to offer managed services that allow them to focus on their core competencies instead of managing their infrastructure. Expedient allows organizations to leverage our services and support as an extension of their IT staff, not a replacement.

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We knew that we would get more hands-on assistance and more white glove treatment from Expedient than some of those other larger hyperscale options.

Mike Sullivan, CIO, Post Holdings

Maintaining infrastructure was never a core competency of IT at Bob Evans Farms.

And it was never meant to be. Instead, the team focuses its efforts on projects that are valuable to the business, like automation and security. When the company was acquired by Post Holdings, their cloud efforts were accelerated and a priority was placed on finding a custom-built solution to fit their technical and cost requirements. They found that solution in the Expedient Enterprise Cloud.

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