Enterprise Cloud

Expedient Enterprise Cloud offers robust security, containers, automation, and simplified management and monitoring in a user-friendly interface.

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Enterprise Cloud

The Cloud for Your Critical Applications

Your enterprise workloads and applications are ready for a migration to the cloud, but a move to a hyperscale cloud provider requires your teams to learn entirely new platforms, demands potential refactoring of your applications, and doesn’t provide you with the inherent security and white-glove managed services you need to keep your business risk-free and running. Expedient Enterprise Cloud is cloud the way you want it to be. Leverage your organization’s existing VMware skill sets while taking advantage of a fully integrated VMware stack of technologies, including next-generation vCloud Director, vRealize Operations, LogInsight, NSX, and vSAN. Control your clouds through a beautifully designed, intuitive, and entirely self-service management console that lets you create VMs in as few as two clicks and offers automated provisioning and de-provisioning of resources. And rely upon the built-in, always-on security features of Enterprise Cloud, including Data Encryption at Rest, 2FA, and Active Directory integrations, and Expedient’s 100% SLA, which means your workloads and applications are always available.

Enterprise Cloud

Experience the Enterprise Cloud

The simplicity of Enterprise Cloud improves your efficiency and productivity

The most cloud-like experience available from a VMware cloud service provider

Expedient Enterprise Cloud offers a single pane of glass management interface with self-service network provisioning, intuitive monitoring and analytics through vRealize Operations, and self-service multi-tenancy so you can easily – and quickly – manage your customer environments with a policy-driven approach that ensures fine-grained control.

Always-on security measures provide peace of mind

Gain peace of mind and meet the strictest of compliance regulations with the built-in, always-on security features of Enterprise Cloud, including Data Encryption at Rest, 2FA, and Active Directory integrations, and Expedient’s 100% SLA, which means your workloads and applications are always available.

Gain development flexibility with self-service Kubernetes cluster deployment

If you’re already using Kubernetes or are interested in gaining the development flexibility that accompanies container use, leverage Enterprise Cloud’s self-service management interface to handle Kubernetes cluster management. Quickly deploy Kubernetes clusters and add or remove nodes, saving you the time and manual work associated with logging into servers and running commands individually.

Expedient Listed in 2019 Market Guide

Gartner recognized Expedient as a Representative Vendor in its 2019 Market Guide for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, North America.* We believe, Gartner Market Guides are intended to help businesses understand key provider capabilities and aid in the buying decision process.

Expedient Listed in 2019 Market Guide
“Expedient’s enterprise level cloud solution freed up our internal resources, allowing us the time we needed to implement a best-in-class cloud services platform to support a site that has over 123 million monthly page views and 2.6 billion associated images. As a result, we gained efficiencies at all levels.”
- David Mele, President, Homes.com
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Flexible options to drive

Business Transformation

Public Cloud

Shared cloud instances and resource pools that offer predictable performance and pricing, a 100% SLA, and the ability to leverage your team’s existing VMware skill set – no application refactoring or new platforms to learn. Request a quote

Private Cloud

Make your move to Expedient’s scalable, fully redundant cloud and take advantage of dedicated cloud resources and industry-leading managed services, including disaster recovery, backups, and a suite of compliance and security solutions designed to help you mitigate risk and meet the strictest of compliance mandates, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

Hybrid Cloud

When you seek the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, but also have workloads not yet ready for a cloud migration, you need Expedient’s Hybrid Cloud solutions. Whether combining physical infrastructure in one of our data centers with our public and private cloud solutions, or marrying physical infrastructure with a third-party cloud like AWS, our hybrid cloud solutions enable the seamless coexistence of all of your physical and virtual infrastructures.

A cloud that outperforms AWS, Azure, and Rackspace? It's true!

Expedient Enterprise Cloud outperforms hyperscale clouds on price and performance.

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Overcome IT challenges with our portfolio of

Cloud Solutions

On-Site Private Cloud with Disaster Recovery as a Service

Ease your transition to the cloud through dedicated on-premises cloud resources coupled with managed disaster recovery from your location to any one of Expedient's 11 data centers using Push Button DR. The On-Site Private Cloud with DRaaS is ideal for customers who want to transform their IT operations without sacrificing the benefits or control of an on-premises environment.

Hybrid Cloud Colocation for AWS

Implement your hybrid cloud strategy with Expedient’s Hybrid Cloud colocation. A low latency connection to AWS East from Expedient’s Baltimore, MD data center(s) enables your organization to establish a hybrid cloud architecture that utilizes AWS for cloud-friendly applications and Expedient colocation for workloads that are sensitive, critical, or not yet ready for the hyperscale cloud.

Multi-Cloud Connection

With nearly half of all IT organizations utilizing cloud infrastructure across multiple cloud providers, direct and private connections between clouds is a business necessity. Expedient’s Multi-Cloud Connection solution enables bi-directional, dedicated connectivity to cloud providers like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud -- making your mission-critical workloads available anytime, anywhere.


Deliver IaaS and DRaaS solutions using VMware technology from an Expedient data center or in VMware Cloud on AWS.
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Nutanix as a Service

Host Nutanix in our data centers or on-premises and take advantage of managed services including disaster recovery, security, and backups.

CSA STAR Registered.

Expedient is now registered with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Trust Assurance & Risk (STAR) Registry

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CSA STAR Registered.
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