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Why is it time for a new approach? The details matter.

Expedient Cloud Different

A Cloud Different approach gets you there quicker with greater impact.

The Applicationsin the Cloud


The Migration Effort


The Cost


Technical Debt

Expedient Cloud Different Transformation Matters

Transformation Matters

A digital transformation journey centers on more than just moving workloads to the cloud. It means adopting a philosophy wherein each application lands in the right environment, whether that's in a hyperscale cloud, an enterprise cloud, colocated or run on-premises or even at an edge location. It means embracing multi-cloud, not just multiple clouds, and it means striving to achieve a cloud operating model. 

Full Stack Cloud Service Provider

As a full stack cloud service provider, we offer a rangeof services that empower our clients to truly achievea cloud operating model, faster and cheaper.From nationwide colocation to award-winning VMware-based cloud to innovative edge computing and VDI solutions, to disaster recovery and data protection, to multi-cloud management – and all wrapped in a modern security stack – we help our clients move the needle on their transformation efforts.

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Expedient Cloud Different Order Matters

Order Matters

Order matters. By taking a Cloud Different approach, our clients first optimize essential VMware workloads from on-prem to a cloud operating model on Expedient, subsequently exiting their data center and in parallel selecting a hyperscale provider to refactor or build new cloud-native applications. This approach has shown to significancy reduce the time to move to a cloud operating model, and more quickly reap the benefits of cloud.

60% Faster Transformation*

On average, our clients migrate their entire estate to the cloud in 4 months

50% Reduced Complexity*

Our clients spend half as long keeping the lights on and doing reactive work

*Typical Expedient Client Outcomes

People Matter

Our Cloud Different approach is driven by the human side of our business. At Expedient, we understand that clients need expert guidance and support they can trust. We offer a unique approach

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Anthony Jackman VP Strategy & Innovation

Tenets of Cloud Different

Cloud Smarter

  • Quality data and insights from your IT estate via unbiased third-party assessment
  • Expert practitioners to guide your decision making
  • Modeling your applications on the optimal platform, whether on-premises, enterprise cloud or hyperscale

Cloud Safer

  • Curated, robust tooling and infrastructure deliver centralized, consistent security policy management, visibility and control across your entire estate
  • Top tier cloud data centers optimized for uptime and efficiency offering a 100% uptime SLA
  • Data protection, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities that are as simple as pushing a button

Cloud Simplified

  • Multi-cloud universal services provide standardization across all infrastructure
  • Hands-on 24×7 expert support from assessment through architecture and delivery and into operations to ensure that you never have to do it all yourself
  • Familiar VMware-based environment allows you to move to a cloud operating model while leveraging existing team skills in parallel with building out cloud native

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