Keeping the Ride Smooth

February 13, 2024 3 min Read

Elite 150 recognition and delivering the best outcomes for clients

We are excited and proud to once again be named to the Elite 150 category of CRN’s Managed Service Provider 500 List! It’s an honor to be recognized by CRN along with the other MSPs. Being placed among those names recognizes our efforts in working with the channel community to provide boundless experiences and, ultimately, our commitment to ensuring our clients have reliable, high-performance infrastructure to grow their businesses on.

It’s particularly rewarding this year, reflecting on all the interesting developments and advances unfolding before us all. We know that when there is change there is opportunity. And there is lots of change underway!

Take AI. Many organizations are coming to grips with how best to move forward and how to set the speed of adoption of AI into their business and processes. From the boardroom to the shop floor, Generative AI is an ever-present part of the conversation and increasingly factoring into strategy. But there are literally thousands of companies around the globe that are offering everything from LLMs, to chatbots, to RAG solutions, and on. How can an organization sort it all out and have confidence that the technology selected today doesn’t paint them into a corner tomorrow?

Or consider mega acquisitions like Broadcom and VMware. We take meetings every day from organizations asking how this acquisition will affect their strategies, their platforms, their budgets, their future aspirations. The answers are generally different for each organization. As a top-tier partner in the new VMware/Broadcom Partner Program we offer exclusive, valuable insights to our clients. Expedients stands optimally positioned better to help organizations understand how their specific circumstances may be affected and how best to move forward.

And finally, there are the everyday challenges faced by corporate. IT. Challenges like buying down technical debt, skilling up teams to deliver the IT to drive business objectives or dealing with the new AI-fueled cybersecurity tsunami, among others. Those haven’t gone away.

Expedient is the premier Full-Stack Cloud Service Provider. We’re the shocks and suspension that keep the ride smooth as you navigate the bumpy, ever-changing IT landscape to achieve the outcomes your business demands.

So, thank you CRN for the recognition! As always, we’re ready to help organizations break through boundaries and take a Cloud DifferentTM approach that they may not know was there!

Trying to navigate the new landscape? We can help.

Tim Kounadis Tim Kounadis

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