Backups Made Simple

Save time and rest easy with fast and reliable backups from Expedient.

Data Protection is critical for the business but implementing and managing a backup solution takes time and resources that could otherwise be used for mission critical projects. With teams already spread thin, backups are often deprioritized and neglected, leaving your platform vulnerable to failing when you need it the most. This can impact the business and its users with downtime, critical data loss, and a potentially catastrophic disruption in continuity, especially in the event of ransomware recovery. For a vast majority of the time, backups are a necessary yet passive solution, and ultimately force you to spend time and keep additional skill sets for the administration of a "second infrastructure."

Expedient Cloud Data Protection is designed to get your resources backed up quickly and painlessly, and ready to restore at a moment’s notice. With automatic inclusion policies and managed patching and maintenance, you won’t have to think about “backups” unless you need to recover.


Full System Backups
Full VM or file level backup and restore for Windows and Linux servers

Strong Encryption
In-flight and at-rest based on AES-256

Database Protection
Integrated support for SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, and others

Highly Secure
FIPS certified platform with RBAC and Two-Factor Authentication

Office 365 Support
Backup OneDrive, Exchange, and Sharepoint to perform granular search and restoration of files, mailboxes, messages, and attachments without doing a full restore

Simplified Management
Intuitive single-pane, web-based dashboard

Cloud Archiving
Ability to leverage low cost S3 compatible deep archive storage

Flexible Sizing
Offered per TB of disk with adjustible retention periods

Deep Search
Fast web-scale file system with wildcard functionality for quick discovery of VMs, folders, and individual files

Powerful deduplication and compression for maximum space savings

Don’t Lose a Single Byte or Minute of Sleep Over Your Backups

With Expedient Cloud Data Protection, you can protect a critical layer of your continuity plan in a cost-effective way. This saves you from maintaining a secondary infrastructure environment and the additional skillsets to run it. Your data sits on a highly available and hyperconverged platform with built-in redundancy, ready for restore at a moment’s notice. For everything from accidental file deletion to recovering from ransomware, we’re here with your data, ready to recover any time you need it.

Flexible Backup and Recovery
Restore files and folders or recover VMs in minutes

Fully Managed
Backup configuration, restores, and monitoring maintained at the platform level

Disaster Recovery
Mitigate risk with reliable data replication and restoration

Geographic Diversity
Send copies of your data to Expedient locations across the US

24×7 support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Security and Compliance

Unified User Experience
View backups, recovery options, run reports all from a single dashboard

Start small and grow as you expand your footprint

Cost Effective
A predictable monthly cost with no capital expenditure