We’ve enabled impactful outcomes by providing managed infrastructure and cloud services, delivered by dedicated practitioners, for over 20 years.

Empowering Dynamic Organizations to Make an Impact

We go beyond "bits and bytes" to enable organizations to have real-world impact. Our clients deliver critical blood supplies to people who need it, make library materials available to entire communities, support disaster victims with insurance payouts to get back on their feet, and make education accessible anywhere.

We are a trusted partner that listens to our clients' needs, monitors technology trends and innovations, and constantly experiments with top technologies to weave into our infrastructure. That curation and value is why our clients stay with us for the long haul, and why we enjoy a retention rate of 99%, unheard of in the industry.

Deliver critical blood supplies to patients who need it.

Make library materials available to entire communities.

Support disaster victims with insurance payouts to get back on their feet.

Make education accessible from anywhere.

Here Are Two Key Things to Know About IT Infrastructure


It's critical to the success of your business


It's not the core competency of your business

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So it's critical but it's not something you want to be handling yourself. Makes sense. Electricity is critical to our business, but we don't want to run a power plant. At Expedient, we are laser-focused on managing infrastructure, allowing our clients to turn their attention to the business problems they're built to solve. As a full stack cloud service provider, we offer an expansive portfolio of services that simplify infrastructure demands on the organization and handle updates, patching, maintenance, and more.

Cloud Different

Cloud isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Our approach to multi-cloud delivers a true cloud operating model – not just multiple clouds – by landing each workload in the right environment. That could be a hyperscale cloud, a VMware-based enterprise cloud, on-premises, at the edge, or colocated in a data center. We've built a suite of multi-cloud tools to facilitate this kind of strategic approach to cloud optimization, making it easy to manage your entire estate.

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It Takes Dedicated Individuals, Working Together

About 400 people work at Expedient, and 75% of them work on the product/operations side of the business. That means roughly 300 people work every day to build products, monitor client environments, manage our cloud platform, and support our data centers. They deliver world class and award-winning managed services, they experiment with groundbreaking technology to make it accessible for our clients, and they keep a pulse on challenges our clients are trying to solve every day. 

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We've Been Growing for 20 Years

Eras of Expedient


Conceived, launched and strengthened our capabilities through a blend of organic and non-organic initiatives

  • Founded
  • 6 Acquisitions
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A decade focused on building scale.
Coverage – expanding to new markets
Capacity – building out established markets
Systems – people and technology

  • Expansions in new areas
  • 2 Acquisitions
  • New Builds
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We are driven to constant innovation in responseto dynamic market demand and to deliver the outcomes clients and partners require for the inevitabilities of business.

  • Expansion in new areas
  • 20 Awards
  • 10 Services Launched
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Evolution of Services

Over the past two decades, we've seen the IT landscape evolve, and we've successfully helped thousands of clients migrate to the cloud. This experience has not only given us a unique perspective, but also has allowed us to refine our services, ensuring we deliver only the best to our clients. Our services have evolved as the technology and business needs have evolved over that time.

one icon Colocation

14 data centers in 10 US cities

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one icon Virtual Colocation

Early offering in the space evolved into Expedient Enterprise Cloud

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one icon Push Button DR

Fastest failover in the industry with transparent network failover

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one icon Enterprise Cloud

An ideal public cloud alternative to hyperscale for existing applications

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one icon Cloud Native

Kubernetes capabilities powering app modernization alongside your current applications

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one icon Expedient CTRL

Universal services to manage your workloads regardless of cloud

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one icon Enterprise Workspace

Secure, consistent end user experience across your devices

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one icon Edge

Fully managed, VMware-powered platform for your edge workloads

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Our Executive Team

Many of our senior executives have been with us since our early days. Their steady leadership, combined with an intimate knowledge of our history and operations, ensures that we never lose sight of our core values and mission.

Executive Team
Bryan Smith Expedient CEO Bryan Smith CEO

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