Workloads at the
Edge of Anywhere

For when the cloud has to be within reach.

When it comes to your remote sites, the cloud is simply too far away for your systems of record and applications. Latency, bandwidth, cost, security, reliability, and compliance requirements mandate that data and applications stay as close to the remote work site, even if that means a less-than-hospitable environment for your supporting hardware. Across manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and other industries, this creates challenges in supporting the frontlines of work.

Expedient Edge is an end-to-end compute platform built to run your workloads at edge locations on redundant hardware with remote management and support provided by Expedient. From hardware deployment and maintenance to virtualization support, networking, and storage, Expedient Edge delivers a fully managed platform where you need it.

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Highly available
The platform is deployed with a minimum of three nodes, ensuring that during hardware failure or maintenance your workloads will be available

Built for anywhere
Smaller than a carry-on suitcase, Edge is built to go into both clean computer rooms and not-so-clean wiring closets

Fully managed
Expedient will handle day-to-day maintenance, patching, and break-fix repair of the infrastructure

Expedient Edge is simple enough for non-IT staff in remote locations to install with minimal instruction. Smart-hands install is also available to perform deployments

Single management plane
Manage your sites from one single location to make deploying and maintaining your workloads a breeze

Extend your cloud
Expedient services including Multi-Cloud File Storage, Cloud Data Protection, Push Button Disaster Recovery, Multi-Cloud Firewall and Operations CTRL are all available on the Edge platform

Consolidated networking
With integrated switching, your only network requirements are two switch ports and internet connectivity

Integrated Storage
Shared storage is integrated with the platform so your workloads are available even in the event of a host failure

Multi-Cloud Enabled
Expedient Edge integrates with infrastructure across your environments, from on-premises to Expedient Enterprise Cloud to hyperscale cloud providers

Performance, Reliability, Efficiency.
All at the Edge.

Expedient Edge, a fully managed VMware-powered infrastructure, delivers high availability and performance to all your remote sites without adding more support burdens. Your workloads are at your remote sites for a reason. Expedient Edge gives you a cloud management plane without moving your workloads away from the users or critical functions they support. Whether you’re concerned about external connectivity or high network latency, Expedient Edge is built to work even when other systems fail. Expedient manages the infrastructure, including hardware break/fix and platform patching at the edge, so you can stay focused on the center of your business: your customers.

Centralized Operations
Manage your cloud and edge workloads through one platform, easing task switching and simplifying support

Secure at Scale
Data-at-rest encryption on each cluster and encrypted connections to the central management plane

Integrated Platform
Leverage an integrated platform for your workloads at your edge sites without managing dozens of switches and storage arrays

Rugged Resilience
High temperature and vibration tolerance ensure availability

Easy-to-use and Powerful
Single pane of glass management for edge sites through VMware vCenter

Easily add additional sites with no cap on locations to provide cloud capabilities anywhere

Cost Effective
Expand your footprint, without adding support overhead

24x7 OSC support. We’re here to help when you need it.

Satisfy Compliance
Meet data regulations with local data storage where you can't use cloud