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Sustainability Statement

A shared responsibility for everyone's benefit.

Expedient recognizes that sound sustainability practices benefit the organization, its clients that may have similar practices and the communities in which it is located. Therefore, such practices should reflect our values. To this end, the company has implemented the following guidelines in support of it:

  • Thermal Guidelines – industry best-practices are used as a reference to optimize ambient temperatures in an effort to reduce consumption, while maintaining an optimal environment
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management – network of sensors throughout our facilities provide real-time, actionable information about the relationship of power consumption and cooling, enabling continuous optimization
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting – motion-activated controls reduce ambient heat from operating lights, which reduces energy consumption and overall cooling requirements
  • Hot/Cold Aisle Containment – implementation of physical barriers that reduce the mixture of supply and exhaust air resulting in more efficient cooling and lower energy consumption
  • End-of-Life Electronics Disposition – following data destruction activities, disposal of unused assets using methods supporting reuse or recycling
  • Disposable Bottles and Cans Reduction – filtered water fountains are offered in all office kitchens for use with personal water bottles and recycling receptacles are provided for bottles and cans
  • Paper Recycling – shred bins in all offices assure confidential written data destruction and recycling of office paper

The company embraces remote work to reduce the environmental footprint of our office spaces and reduce the need for unnecessary travel. We will continue to identify, implement, communicate, and coordinate practices that preserve and promote efficient use and conservation of energy, water, and other resources, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and increase promotion of conservation efforts.

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