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Expedient is proud to highlight Environmental, Social, and Governance practices in alignment with our core values. We emphasize our environmental initiatives, which aim to reduce our carbon emissions. Our approach to social responsibility nurtures an inclusive and diverse workplace that supports personal and professional growth with flexibility.

Additionally, we actively engage in our local communities by sharing information about our organizational strengths, supporting economic development activities, and enabling our team members to thrive as active volunteer participants. These efforts are fundamental to maintaining a sustainable business model that positively impacts our stakeholders.

Documenting Our ESG Efforts

We are committed to expand our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative, which compels us to share information and set goals for the future. We hope our clients and prospects will understand and be assured of our focus as they evaluate a working relationship with Expedient.

2023 GRESB Infrastructure Asset Benchmark Report Summary for ESG

In its most recent annual GRESB assessment, Expedient achieved a score of 89 out of a possible 100. Compared to its peers, Expedient ranked 1st of the participating United States-based data center companies for maintenance and operation.

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Our Decarbonization Journey

This report provides an understanding of our operational emissions, our journey so far and future commitments.

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Differentiating Services for Demonstration of Effective Energy Management

This whitepaper highlights the importance of treating colocation infrastructure service consumption separately from managed...

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Environmental Sustainability

Expedient recognizes that sound sustainability practices benefit the organization, its clients that may have similar practices and the communities in which it is located. Therefore, such practices should reflect our values. To this end, the company has implemented the following guidelines in support of it:

Embracing Sustainable Practices

Thermal Guidelines Industry best-practices are used as a reference to optimize ambient temperatures in an effort to reduce consumption, while maintaining an optimal environment

Data Center Infrastructure Management Network of sensors throughout our facilities provide real-time, actionable information about the relationship of power consumption and cooling, enabling continuous optimization

Energy-Efficient Lighting Motion-activated controls reduce ambient heat from operating lights, which reduces energy consumption and overall cooling requirements

Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Implementation of physical barriers that reduce the mixture of supply and exhaust air resulting in more efficient cooling and lower energy consumption

End-of-Life Electronics Disposition Following data destruction activities, disposal of unused assets using methods supporting reuse or recycling

Disposable Bottles and Cans Reduction Filtered water fountains are offered in all office kitchens for use with personal water bottles and recycling receptacles are provided for bottles and cans

Paper Recycling Shred bins in all offices assure confidential written data destruction and recycling of office paper

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Assessing Our Carbon Footprint Engaged a reputable third-party to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and prioritize mitigation efforts

Sourcing Renewable Energy Established a specific target of sourcing 100% renewable energy for Expedient managed cloud infrastructure

Maintaining Energy Efficient Operations Replacement of power infrastructure technology, optimization of cooling systems and adoption of air containment

The company embraces remote work to reduce the environmental footprint of our office spaces and reduce the need for unnecessary travel. We will continue to identify, implement, communicate, and coordinate practices that preserve and promote efficient use and conservation of energy, water, and other resources, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and increase promotion of conservation efforts.

Expedient is a member of the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA), a coalition of participating companies united on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure.

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The iMasons Climate Accord

Social Responsibility

We’re committed to being a socially responsible organization by fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, operating ethically and supporting our local communities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Employee Resource Groups Groups created and led by employees and for their shared benefit

Mentor Program Matches created to accelerate orientation and development for participating individuals

Employee Survey Anonymous feedback used to improve the work experience

Documented Entry-Level Career Pathing Structured and well-defined expectations for career growth

Workplace Flexibilty A hybrid approach to where work gets done based upon roles and responsibilities

People Development

Performance Management System A consistent approach for individual development

Objectives and Key Results Goal Setting Measuring what matters for organizational alignment

Training for Soft Skills and Technology Practical knowledge for immediate application

Certification Achievement Reimbursement Assessing and representing learned knowledge

Tuition Reimbursement Supporting higher education

Manager Accelerator Leadership Development Learning to manage and lead in the context of our business and our clients’

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Program supporting the whole person through resources

Community Participation

Locally Organized Volunteer Opportunities Relevant and valued by the participants who lead involvement

Technical School and College Partnerships Creating pipelines for new hires seeking their first professional employment experience

Internship Program Meeting immediate needs with in-demand skills in exchange for individual development opportunity prior to graduation

Economic Development Organization Memberships Supporting growth through research and advocacy about regional needs for business success

Corporate Governance

We’re committed to ethical business behavior and responsible corporate activity and that strong governance is the foundation to delivering these commitments.


Quality and Reliability Continuous improvement and preventative maintenance programs

Trust and Confidence Third party audit attestations and keeping our commitments

Integrity: Doing the Right Thing Working together to create positive experiences

Policy and Procedure Board- and investor-aligned approach to checks and balances

Security and Privacy

Consistent Posture Across Locations Applying our physical and logical controls at each point of delivery

Dedicated Security Function Focus and accountability for risk management and response

GDPR Attestations Approved data transfer mechanism participation

Third-Party Assessments Service Organization Control (SOC), Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) and others based upon Federal Information Systems Management (FISMA) frameworks

Availability and Resilience

Planned Preventative Maintenance Regularly scheduled facility and equipment assurance testing

Disaster Preparedness Plans and testing for critical systems and data repositories

Risk Assessments Incident root cause analysis for continuous improvement

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