Network Access

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Connect anywhere data needs to be.

Routing and switching functions work best when dynamic protocols are implemented to optimize packet delivery. Firewalls, load balancing and virtual private network (VPN) services complement the underlying network by segregating traffic of different types to ensure quality of service and the ability to tunnel other protocols.

Expedient delivers multi-gigabit network services through copper and fiber access ports. Redundancy is a fundamental design element at the network core and diverse distribution connections can be delivered to eliminate single points of failure.

Duplication of network infrastructure can be costly, and the Expedient data center network can reduce those costs by taking advantage of the economy of scale afforded by enterprise network technologies.

Use Expedient network access to:

  • Deliver public internet ports featuring blended bandwidth from multiple carrier networks
  • Transport private layer 2 connectivity within one or more data centers
  • Complement firewall, load balancing and VPN service
  • Interconnect with WAN, MPLS and point-to-point connectivity services

Expedient network access is present at all facilities, which are connected with a multi-gigabit backbone that facilitates geographic diversity as part of disaster recovery plans in the cloud. It can also be used with colocation services.

The Outcome You're Looking For®

agility with disaster recovery as a service draas


Move and secure data anywhere it needs to be as applications evolve.



Maintain uninterrupted data flow with built-in high availability that protects against failure.

See how our 100GB map connects all of our Expedient data centers

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