Two-Factor Authentication

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Something you know; something only you have.

On their own, passwords are not a reliable method of safeguarding information. When combined with a second component, they can become more effective. Expedient offers two-factor authentication, a method by which users must possess a software token that generates a one-time password that changes after each session.

Increasingly, more corporate applications are migrating to cloud computing environments necessitating a strong authentication solution ensuring that corporate data and applications remain secure while also enabling easy user access.

  • Extend secure access to cloud environments using federation
  • Extend secure access to mobile endpoints governed by corporate policy
  • Address different risk levels with a variety of authentication methods
  • Reduce support costs with self-service tools
  • Maintain compliance with auditing and reporting

Expedient provides two-factor authentication service as a complement to various industry and government compliance mandates as well as organizations that desire a higher level of protection. Use it with managed virtual private network (VPN) service for strong protection.

Expedient two-factor authentication service is powered by Gemalto Safe-Net.

The Outcome You're Looking For℠

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Risk Mitigation

Expedient protects against data loss through a combination of the following services:

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