Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Mitigation

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We defend our customers’ networks through visibility, accurate detection and rapid response.

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack can temporarily interrupt legitimate users from accessing an application by flooding a target with high volumes of traffic originating from multiple sources. Attacks of this type can be time consuming to mitigate and the resulting downtime can cause significant financial penalty for clients. As a responsible service provider, Expedient offers DDOS mitigation as part of its Internet access at no additional charge.

Expedient has implemented our solution in a layered approach:

  • We block high risk protocols and ports most commonly used for attacks at our border.
  • We use remotely triggered black hole (RTB) filtering technology on our border routers to automatically reject suspicious traffic as quickly as possible.
  • We use NetFlow signatures, encompassing more than a dozen threat characteristics, to only filter suspicious traffic flows and leave legitimate traffic untouched.

Expedient utilizes both passive and active tactics to identify and mitigate potentially service impacting events before they become intrusive. These measures are in place to recover quickly and minimize exposure in cases where individual clients are targeted.

Expedient DDOS Mitigation service is supplemented by Arbor Networks, a leader in detection and prevention. The service is included as a feature of Expedient Gigabit Internet Access.

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