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Data is a critical business asset.

Unplanned events are difficult to predict, but failures and errors can occur at any time. Protecting the business from the risk associated with these unfortunate circumstances is of critical importance.

Expedient data protection backup solutions deliver both the ability to recover data after its loss and recover data from an earlier point in time because of events such as:

  • Disk hardware failure
  • Accidental deletion by users
  • Intentional deletion by users
  • Corruption caused by application failure

The growth of data storage increases the risk of data loss, and Expedient backup solutions offer a safeguard delivered as a managed service.

Expedient backup service is powered by Commvault and features:

  • Data Deduplication - that eliminates duplicate backup copies reducing the growth of archive storage requirements
  • Storage Media - disk and tape media options are available
  • Frequency Choice - full, differential and incremental
  • Location Diversity- on-site and off-site cloning options
  • Type - choose from physical and virtual (VMDK) methods inclusive of operating system, application and database modules
  • Retention Frequency - choose from weeks, months or years
  • Security - enable encryption for backup data at rest

The outcome you're looking for is the complete continuity of business operations. Expedient backup services offer peace of mind that data will always be available:

  • Gain efficiency with 24x7 operational execution of industry best practices
  • Review backup job disposition reports for failure and success that offer transparency for auditing
  • Predictably forecast the future cost of data retention as growth trends reveal themselves

Learn more about Cloud Object Storage as a long-term archive alternative to traditional disk and tape options.


risk mitigation with disaster recovery as a service draas

Risk Mitigation

Job disposition reports offer transparency to failure and success rates for auditing.

agility with disaster recovery as a service draas


Execution of operational best practices result in efficiency gains when storage profiles change.

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