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Safeguard data center colocation cabinets with an additional enclosure.

Moving critical assets—hardware, software and/or data—to a service provider can lead to concerns about securing and auditing physical access that may have previously been within 100% control of the organization.

A SlimLine Cage for colocation from Expedient offers accessibility, control and value by creating a third level perimeter around critical information technology assets. A SlimLine Cage delivers several advantages as compared to traditional cages:

  • Accessibility – roll-up doors provide access from any angle to maintain consistent airflow supporting hot/cold aisle configurations
  • Control – electronic lock options record access by Expedient personnel for granular audit logging useful for a variety of industry and government compliance mandates
  • Value – the construction profile closely matches the cabinets it surrounds to minimize the square footage (up to 25% savings), providing considerable cost


SlimLine Cages are built using a collection of posts, panels and doors that can be tailored according to client specifications and feature:

  • Rugged Construction
  • Flexible Configuration (starting with as few as 4 cabinets)
  • Rapid Delivery (weeks instead of months as compared to traditional cages)
  • Electronic Locking (Optional)

Standard Expedient physical security controls include the following additional features:

  • 24x7x365 On-Site Expedient Staff
  • Visitor Identity Authorization and Best-practice Badging
  • Escort-only Access Throughout Building for Visitors
  • Biometric Access Control Perimeter Managed by Expedient Staff
  • Video Surveillance and Best-practice Retention

The SlimLine Cage is a patent pending innovation from Expedient.

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Protect critical information technology assets with secure enclosures.

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