The Tech Industry’s Hottest Cities – And Expedient is at the Center

Kristin Puzon

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What city offers the most promise for landing a job in the technology industry – According to a recent article released by Forbes, the answer is Washington D.C.

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Citing research conducted by the Praxis Strategy Group and information collected from the U.S. Census, Forbes released a listing of the top ten cities with the fastest growth in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related) employment over the last decade.

What may be surprising is that the largest growth in tech related jobs is not taking place in the traditional large metropolitan cities – areas like Silicon Valley, New York and Chicago. (Actually, both Chicago and New York lost tech jobs during the last ten years) Instead, some of the most notable sustained growth in recent years has been occurring in smaller cities – cities like Baltimore, which just so happens to be home to one of our eight strategically located data centers.

Forbes’s listing of top ten cities for tech jobs was not the only surprising bit of news included in the article. One more item of note includes the double-digit rate of expansion for tech employment in Columbus, OH – another city that Expedient proudly calls home.

The Data Center and The Importance of Location

With additional data centers located in Pittsburgh, Boston, Cleveland and Indianapolis, what Expedient offers is the advantage of strategic location. Not only are each of our data centers ideally positioned to ensure the continuous delivery of network, data and managed services – but they are located in areas of thriving growth and development. It is this dual positioning advantage that allows Expedient to offer the secure, redundant and continuous services your business has come to rely on for success.

To learn more about our data center offerings, visit us today.

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