Is Colocation Hosting Right for Your Business?

Dallas Yuhasz

What is Colocation Hosting? And Is it Right For You?

What if you could host your sensitive company data on your own private server, but without the expense, hassle and headache associated with maintaining that server? What if you had access to an enterprise class computing environment – one with multiple redundant services – but only had to pay for the portion of the environment that you actually use?

Sounds like a dream? Right? Actually, this is called colocation hosting.

In short, colocation hosting is a managed data service that offers both flexibility and control. Your servers are installed within a managed service provider’s data center. They are monitored and maintained by that facility’s knowledgeable and experienced data center engineers. And all you end up paying for is the space and power your server actually consumes.

The advantages are clear, through colocation hosting:
• Small to mid-size businesses can receive the IT support and bandwidth that larger companies have been benefiting from for years
• Larger corporations can receive those same services, just at a much lower rate.

But is colocation the solution for you?

While colocation may offer a number of advantages, it is not your only option. As you look for ways to increase the reliability, capability or flexibility of your computing environment, the question invariably becomes:

“Is colocation hosting right for you? Or should you consider exploring the world of cloud computing options?”

In truth, the option you choose is dependent on your needs. Try asking yourself:
• Are you limited by capital dollars?
• Can at least a portion of your computing environment be virtualized?
• Does your demand for computing resources continually fluctuate?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to explore the world of cloud computing. With three different types of cloud computing environments – Public, Private, and Hybrid – the cloud is an ideal option for company’s looking for cost effective, flexible ways to expand and scale their IT resources and service options.

Discover whether Colocation, private clouds, public clouds, or hybrid clouds are right for you. Download this free guide to learn more.

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