Turnkey IT Services = Strategic Focus

Reliable Infrastructure as a Service Keeps Orchard Software Focused on Seamless Integration of Laboratory Information Systems Since 2004

"From internet to colocation to cloud hosting offered to our clients, Orchard has been very satisfied with the services provided by Expedient since we first became a customer in 2004."
Seth Bosworth, Associate Director of Information Services, Orchard Software
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Market Opportunity

Create Tools to Automate and Simplify Laboratory Processes

Orchard Software has been a leader in the laboratory information system industry for more than 20 years. The company has implemented award-winning automation and interface tools to address regulatory and integration issues as well as simplify workflow in more than 1,400 laboratories across the country.

The Scenario

Orchard has experienced tremendous growth attributable to its customer-driven product enhancement and development that has resulted in hundreds of interfaces with instruments, reference libraries and EMR/EHR systems.

The Challenge

As Orchard's applications grew, managing the underlying technology infrastructure became a distraction from evolving software features leading them to Expedient for a data center and managed services solution.

The Solution

Orchard consumes infrastructure services among three Expedient data centers in order to ensure the reliability of seamless integration linking multiple sites. A multigigabit network makes this possible.

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