Meeting Infrastructure Needs Now and in the Future

Expedient Meets InteractiveBlue's Need for Upgraded Technology and Plan for Future Growth

"The whole point of moving to a virtual, cloud-based situation is that we're not going to fall behind. Having someone who is continually updating and continually staying on top of [new hardware] means that we don't have to."
-Bill O'Neil, CTO of InteractiveBlue
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Market Opportunity

Create a Competitive Advantage With the Latest Technology

InteractiveBlue, a full-service web and database design software development company, wanted to establish its own independent architecture as opposed to the shared cloud platform with outdated hardware that it had at its previous facility.

The Scenario

Finding a cloud and data center provider that was able to help the company find a scalable environment in its budget brought InteractiveBlue to Expedient.

The Challenge

Staying up to date with the latest technology was very important to InteractiveBlue because the company was not happy with the bare metal servers it had at its last provider.

The Solution

By hosting with an enterprise cloud provider, InteractiveBlue benefits from constantly improving performance by utilizing Intel's latest technology through Expedient rather than implementing the hardware on its own.

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