Have You Considered... How to Leverage Budget Season Instead of Dreading it?

November 21, 2022 2 min Read

At this point, “do more with less” is a pretty constant refrain, especially when it comes to IT budgets. And right now, you can’t swing a broken keyboard without hitting half a dozen articles about decreasing budgets, out of control cloud spend, and other economic factors that are causing companies to rethink their cloud migrations. Venture Beat just reported that 81% of IT teams have been directed to halt or reduce cloud spend.

If this time of year feels like death by a thousand cuts, you’re not alone.

How can you take advantage of that, though, and leverage the cost saving measures you are taking to build confidence and support from the C-Suite?

We’ve built a transformation calculator using real, accurate numbers from our own client experiences. The goal is to show, over the next 5 years, how you can cut infrastructure costs, eliminate technical debt and reclaim thousands of labor hours, reduce complexity, and accelerate your transformation.

Essentially, if the number below the line on the budget isn’t getting any bigger, you might find this tool helpful in stretching it some. Punch in numbers from your current environment and we’ll send you a report detailing what you can do over the next 5 years to reap benefits that help your budget and the business.

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