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June 15, 2022 4 min Read

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Superior Performance, Greater Value

This month, Cloud Mercato, an independent benchmarking agency devoted to the study of the cloud market, released their Overview of the VDI Market in North America 2022. This report looks at the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) capabilities of 4 leading cloud service providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Expedient. Benchmark tests conducted evaluated CPU, RAM, and overall cost versus performance across multiple configurations and we are proud to share these exciting results with you today.

The results have Expedient Enterprise Workspace at the top of the heap, saying, “the performance level of Expedient’s infrastructure is far superior to competitors, making them the best price/performance value.” As you can see from the report and some of the excerpted charts below, our VDI capabilities are second to none when it comes to performance and value.

At the heart of this report are Geekbench 5 benchmark scores. The software allows you to compare system performance across devices, operating systems, and processor architectures.

Faster CPU

The results have Expedient coming in around​ 43 percent faster in multi-core performance for comparable machine types​, including a whopping 77 percent faster than AWS. This is because Expedient has the fastest multi-core processors across all products tested, due to the higher clock rate of its CPUs.

77% faster than AWS, 39% faster than GCE, 9% faster than Azure

Wildly Better Storage

When Cloud Mercato reviewed VDI storage performance, Expedient again outperformed the competition. By allowing users to take advantage of unutilized IOPS (Input/Output per second) when available, Expedient can deliver a better and more consistent desktop experience. In fact, Expedient exhibits around ​18x higher performance ​for comparable machine types​.

22x more Write IOPS than GCE, 18x more than AWS, 15x more than Azure

“The aim of a cloud computing model is to provide easy access to on-demand services with pay-as-you-go billing options. The challenge is that DaaS infrastructures have a level of complexity that is more difficult to abstract. By providing guidance as the solution is built and then optimizing once it's live, Expedient delivers standardized desktop deployments at scale that include full audio, video, and USB capabilities, as well as optimized performance for Windows 10, Zoom, WebEx, Slack, and MS Teams, along with other collaboration tools.”

-Cloud Mercato, Overview of the VDI Market in North America 2022

No wonder Cloud Mercato concludes that, while Expedient slots in among competitors at the market average for pricing, the performance of the infrastructure is far superior, delivering the best price/performance value. On top of this, support is included in the Expedient pricing, where it’s an optional fee with the other vendors.

These results validate why we call our EEW offering VDI without compromise. In theory, VDI is a no-brainer, but failure to deliver a consistent and media-rich experience regardless of location or device has been the Achilles heel in VDI adoption. I think we are able to provide clients with the both the experience users crave and the outcomes your business is looking for.

So, why does all this matter? The “Future of Work” promises work-from-anywhere options, which means delivering a flexible and resilient end user experience without compromising security, is a requirement. This is no longer a fringe concept – it’s a reality for nascent and long-established businesses alike. So having a high-performance, secure VDI system is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a prerequisite for keeping a dynamic and happy workforce.

Read the Report

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