With DRaaS, Continuous Availability Equals Competitive Advantage

November 13, 2019 2 min Read

When IT disaster strikes every moment counts. Because of this, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions that automate total network failover and orchestrate application recovery will create a competitive advantage for your business.

Push Button DR powered by Zerto is one such solution. As Expedient has offered DRaaS solutions to its clients since 2011, we were well aware that networking and DNS failover was one of the largest obstacles companies face during the disaster recovery process. While virtual replication software like Zerto makes failing over VMs very easy, the manual intervention required to reconfigure network components and DNS records at the failover site really slows down IT recovery. Add in the fact that DNS changes can take hours to propagate, and you could be looking at 6+ hour recovery times.

For organizations that require near-real-time recovery to ensure the continuous availability of business-critical applications, this obviously isn’t going to work. To solve this pervasive DR challenge, Expedient product strategy engineers combined the functionality of Juniper vSRX (virtual firewall) with the replication capabilities of Zerto’s IT resilience platform to create Push Button DR powered by Zerto - a unique DR solution that eliminates the need to update DNS records during a failover event.

During a recent webinar with Zerto, Expedient solution architect, Brent Meadows, provided an overview of how Push Button DR achieves this outcome. Watch the replay of the presentation to learn more.

AJ Kuftic AJ Kuftic

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