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A financial structure that reduces capital requirements.

Concerns about cost are perhaps the most commonly expressed issues by organizations that come to us for advice. Shrinking budgets and pressure to reduce capital expenditures are typical strategies that we hear clients talking about to reduce costs.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) related to various technologies can be affected significantly by customization, increasing user licensing, annual support and maintenance expense associated with security patches and version upgrades. Tracking these and other costs can become cumbersome and expensive.

As an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider, Expedient enables its clients to consume only the cloud and data center services that they need, reducing or eliminating the need for capital expenditures and converting them to operational expenditures incurred over a predictable time period.

Clients benefit from the economies of scale realized through the capacity built by Expedient in eleven (11) data centers. Best of all, the infrastructure is never oversubscribed, delivering dedicated resources that ensure the best possible experience.

Clients not using IaaS capabilities miss out on:

Expedient is able to do this because of its strong financial footing. Learn more about the Expedient story and how it enables organizations of any size plan and predict future expense.

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Cost Control

Expedient contributes to cost control efforts that deliver value through a combination of the following services:

Cloud Spectator:
Expedient’s Enterprise Cloud is less expensive than Rackspace, Azure, and nearly all AWS instances tested

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