Heavy Workload

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Get it done.

IT teams are being asked to do more with less. Business users are frequently concerned about their ability to keep up with their needs. Sometimes this concern leads to shadow IT where users of all types seek out their own solutions to challenges. Oftentimes those are software as a service (SaaS) solutions that operate outside of company policy and potentially isolate critical data from the rest of the organization or put it at risk.

When IT teams try to keep up with operational tasks in addition to other duties considered to be more strategic to the organization, sustainability becomes the priority because the business requires that it serve existing stakeholders. This approach can lead to deliverable delays for important projects related to research and development or enhancements of features that could unlock new revenue opportunities or cost control initiatives.

Work smarter by offloading undifferentiated work to a partner that is aligned with industry leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions in order to deliver what business users need more quickly and efficiently.

Coping With Priorities

Expedient cloud and colocation IaaS capabilities combine with the 24x7x365 operations support center to lighten the load.

Your Challenge is Our Business: Heavy Workload

The Outcome You're Looking For®

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Risk Mitigation

Expedient eases the heavy workload of information technology teams through a combination of the following services:

Case Study: Omnyx
Expedient Delivers the Capacity, Service and Reliability that Omnyx Needs to Help Transform Cancer Care

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