Data Loss

Safeguard your data

Data is the one resource that will continue to grow in perpetuity, exponentially increasing its value over time. Protecting such an asset will be a critical success factor when assessing business risk and valuation.

Losing data can be a shocking event for any business resulting in both reputation and financial repercussions. In fact, a single event could even jeopardize an entire business if the data is critical enough or if the impact from it is wide enough.

Controls must be in place to safeguard data and those efforts must be continuously tested in order to maintain confidence in recovery efforts.

Types of Data Loss Events

  • Accidental Deletion
  • External Breach
  • File Integrity Corruption
  • Hardware Failure
  • Internal Breach

Expedient offers backup, compliance and security and disaster recovery services that reduce the risk of data loss.

Your Challenge is Our Business: Data Loss

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Risk Mitigation

Expedient protects against data loss through a combination of the following services:

6 Steps to Disaster Recovery Preparedness

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