Supply Chain and Logistics

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The supply chain and logistics industry is undergoing significant transformation, driven by global trade, e-commerce growth, and increasing customer expectations. To overcome the challenges posed by this dynamic landscape, cloud and edge computing technologies offer innovative solutions.

Connecting Suppliers and Customers with Cloud Technologies

By leveraging cloud and edge computing, organizations that already play a critical role in ensuring the smooth flow of products from suppliers to customers can optimize costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Analytics
Warehouse Management
Operational Technology

Real-Time Visibility and Tracking

Supply chain and logistics operations require real-time visibility into inventory, shipments, and transportation. Lack of visibility and tracking capabilities can lead to inefficient operations, delays, and customer dissatisfaction. Cloud and edge computing provide real-time visibility and tracking capabilities. Cloud-based platforms enable end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, allowing stakeholders to monitor inventory levels, track shipments, and analyze data for efficient decision-making. Edge computing complements this by leveraging IoT devices and sensors to collect and process data at the edge of the network, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of assets, shipments, and vehicle conditions.

Real-Time Visibility and Tracking

Real World Ready.

Expedient Edge, a fully managed VMware-powered infrastructure, delivers high availability and performance to all your remote sites without adding more support burdens. Your workloads are at your remote sites for a reason. Expedient Edge gives you a cloud management plane without moving your workloads away from the users or critical functions they support.

Reduce Risk.
Cloud Different.

Cloud offers many benefits that can carry your offering into the future. The key is to modernize your infrastructure while enabling your organization to optimize the underlying platform at its own pace! All this while adopting the APIs, automation, and agile platform services that empower your IT team, and your business. Here are some of the ways we'd start:

Align Resources Begin building your plan with no-fee assessments of your existing infrastructure usage, aligning resources, administration, and support to cost-effective solutions

Choose a Familiar Platform Built on VMware, our cloud is  familiar to your team, accelerating adoption while adopting new functionality

Embrace Managed Services Eliminate infrastructure management and "keep the lights on" work like maintenance and patching, and take advantage of 24x7x365 support

Connect Multiple Clouds Different clouds offer different benefits. Take advantage with Expedient's universal multi-cloud services and cloud on-ramps to providers like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud

Scale Effectively Instead of large hardware purchases based on iffy forecasts, scale incrementally as you grow

Secure Your Whole Environment The strictest of compliance regulations with the built-in, always-on security features: Data Encryption at Rest, 2FA, Active Directory integrations, and Expedient’s 100% SLA

Remain Compliant HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, PCI-DSS, CSA compliant

Deploy Kubernetes With cloud native capabilities built on top of a VMware-based platform, quickly deploy Kubernetes clusters and add or remove nodes

People Matter

People Matter

Our team is invested in the latest digital infrastructure trends and technology, bringing decade of knowledge, expertise, and accountability to every engagement. Clients get full-stack technology capabilities paired with the know-how you need to achieve objectives by unlocking their full digital potential. This commitment to delivering high-quality experiences ensures optimal outcomes to business-critical initiatives. That’s why, that over our 20 years in business we are honored and humbled to have a 99% client retention rate, a testament to our dedication to keeping our clients’ experience front and center in all situations.

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