Multi-Cloud Operations

Multi-Cloud, Not Multiple Clouds

As organizations begin relying on multiple clouds to provide a variety of technologies and efficiencies – and ultimately, drive business – the effort to manage it all multiplies. That's because each new platform adds new layers of complexity to the tech stack. Those layers include managing system integration, cost complexities, high security and compliance standards, and ensuring robust visibility and monitoring.

A true cloud operating model embraces a multi-cloud approach that’s more than just running applications in multiple clouds.

Multi-Cloud Tools to Conquer Complexity

In order to simplify your cross-cloud efforts, you need tooling with the interoperability to work seamlessly across various platforms, from on-premises to edge to enterprise and hyperscale clouds. This allows you to standardize processes and systems across your IT landscape, increasing efficiency.

Optimize Efforts, Optimize Costs

With workloads spread across multiple teams, multiple clouds and multiple locations, it's incredibly difficult to accurately map total spend. It’s even harder to predict future expenditures and optimize them. Cost comparison tools that evaluate sizing costs across various cloud providers will help get your budget back under control. Tools that set guardrails and provide showback help you keep it under control.

Key Components of a Cloud Operating Model

Expedient CTRL is a suite of universal multi-cloud services that deliver a true cloud operating model to put each application and workload in the right environment. If the growing complexity of using multiple clouds is draining your budget and leaving your team's skills and resources thin, Expedient CTRL can help you combat those challenges head-on.

Cost CTRL Security CTRL Operations CTRL

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