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The Sensible Entry Point for Your AI Implementation

Deploying AI securely, responsibly, and at scale is a multi-phase endeavor where an early mover advantage can be gained by making the first move. The most immediate issues to tackle include offering employees secure chat capabilities to encourage organic usage, integrate AI into a broad spectrum of existing/new applications, and deliver ROI that proves the benefits, builds confidence, and unlocks further advancement. The rise of Shadow AI—including employees using unauthorized, public AI tools like ChatGPT and bypassing corporate oversight—also poses a significant data security risk.

Responsibly implement AI with security, governance, and observability

Secure AI Gateway streamlines the AI implementation process by providing a central hub to connect users with a curated selection of AI models—public and private—while ensuring data integrity through comprehensive access and privacy tools. Additionally, the Gateway offers a comprehensive set of documented programming interfaces that can be used to inject AI capabilities into existing and new business applications to deliver clear, objective ROI.


Security Control
Single Sign-On (SSO) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) ensures secure and appropriate tool usage 

Tool Redirection
Mitigates risks by redirecting public AI chat users to a secure, sanctioned, and fully customizable chat client

Multi-Model Support
Access a variety of public and private AI models to meet diverse operational needs

Data Privacy
Protect sensitive, personally identifiable information (PII), and company-confidential data

Improves system oversight and provides historical use data you can use to create new tools

Private Access
Secure, private interface or API for enhanced confidentiality and control 

Secure Data
Establish a fortified entry point for AI tools, ensuring data is always protected

Easy Setup
Designed for straightforward integration within existing infrastructure

Role-Based User Access
Align tool access with user roles, optimizing utility and security 

Reliable, Secure, and User-Friendly AI, From the Start

Secure AI Gateway acts as a bridge between the potential of AI technology and its practical, secure, and effective implementation within an organization. By making AI more accessible and manageable for companies at any stage of their digital transformation journey, the platform addresses the main organizational concerns reported by 451 Research in their Voice of the Enterprise survey: security, reliability, and ease of use. It does so by redirecting chat users to a corporate-sanctioned chat experience. Included usage logs can be used to discover use patterns, so you can develop tailored solutions that streamline workflows, save time and increase profits. Secure AI Gateway redefines how organizations engage with AI, ensuring data security and operational excellence through a centralized, controlled environment.


True AI Control
Establishes a wide range of security and privacy controls for AI use 

Leak Prevention
Protects against data breaches by controlling access to unsecured AI tools

Compliance Assurance
Maintains adherence to AI usage policies through controlled access and data management

Privacy Protection
Prevents exposure of personal and confidential data

Usage Insight
Monitors system use for continuous improvement and accountability

Seamless Connectivity
Integrates with existing systems for streamlined user access

Model Diversity
Choose from a variety of AI models

Confidential Interface
Preserves organizational privacy with a secure user interface or API

Enhanced Insights
Connects with your data sources for hallucination-free results

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