Mastering the Shift: Edge Computing in the Broadcom-VMware Era

Discover the future of edge, where we delve into the significant changes introduced by Broadcom's acquisition of VMware.

The landscape of edge computing is shifting with Broadcom's recent changes to VMware licensing, presenting new challenges and opportunities for businesses.

Join Expedient's CEO Bryan Smith and Principal Product Strategist AJ Kuftic as they unpack the complexities of these changes and their direct impact on edge computing strategies. From dissecting the new VMware bundles to exploring cost-effective alternatives including Nutanix, KVM, etc., and the role of service providers, this session is designed to help you master the shift and align your edge computing infrastructure with the latest industry standards. Join us to discover how to leverage service providers like Expedient to navigate these changes efficiently and optimize your edge computing solutions.

Following the discussion will be 30-minutes of Live Q+A with Anthony Jackman, SVP of Strategy & Innovation, and Principal Product Strategist AJ Kuftic.

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