Introducing Expedient AI CTRL: Responsible Deployment, Transformative Productivity

The Sensible Entry Point for Your AI Implementation

Research shows the biggest corporate concerns when it comes to implementing AI are exactly what you expect them to be: security, reliability, and ease of use. With the launch of AI CTRL, we’re addressing each of those head on with a suite of offerings that protect your proprietary data, give you diverse public and private model access (including ChatGPT, Dall-E, Claude, and others), and a simple, private interface and API hooks to inject AI capabilities into new and existing applications. And standing behind it is Expedient, an award winning full stack cloud service provider with over two decades of guiding organizations of all sizes and industries through digital transformations and navigating dynamic technological shifts that offers so many opportunities for growth.

Join Bryan Smith, CEO, and Brad Reynolds, SVP of AI, as they discuss how AI CTRL is built to help enterprises enjoy the benefits of AI while deploying it responsibly at scale. They’ll discuss not only the technology itself but also the thoughtful approach you can take to earn quick wins and prove ROI.

A 30 minute live Q+A will follow.

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