A Different Approach to Cloud

For the past 15 years, cloud has been on the cusp of changing the way companies are run, revolutionizing the way products are built, and putting IT at the center of key business initiatives. Well, we are still waiting. Today, only 15% of customer-facing services run on public cloud*. What happened? Fifteen years of cloud and the promise has yet to be delivered. It's time for a different approach to cloud. It's time to Cloud DifferentTM.

Cloud Smarter.
Cloud Safer.
Cloud Simplified.

Cloud Differenttm is Cloud Smarter, Cloud Safer and Cloud Simplified.

It is about choosing the right environment for every application, with a single security posture and management system. Now you can control the IT estate across public/private clouds and on-premises systems. It’s not about going all in on one platform. It’s about going all in on cloud-centric digital transformation.

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Accelerate Your Transformation

The first step can be the hardest. With pressing operational demands on your team and skill gaps inherent in almost every organization, making progress on DX initiatives is a daunting challenge.

At Expedient, we take a data-driven, software-based approach to tailor a solution that fits your needs. We offer a complimentary, third-party assessment that considers your entire IT estate, along with a team of cloud experts who can draw upon their experiences with thousands of existing clients to help you on your journey.

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Client Spotlight

“We knew that we would get more hands-on assistance and white glove treatment from Expedient than some of those other, larger hyperscale options.” Mike Sullivan, CIO, Bob Evans Hear Mike tell his story

Almost 90% of organizations have pulled workloads back from the cloud or are considering doing so. Were they wrong for the cloud or just in the wrong cloud? Find out how to avoid costly repatriation.

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If you're ready for the self-guided portion of your cloud journey to end, then please reach out. We have cloud experts ready to tailor a solution to your unique needs or to simply serve as a sounding-board to make the best decisions possible.

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