Virtualization and Cloud Computing Trends Help CIOs Expand and Save

Erin Masterson

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How Virtualization and Cloud Computing Trends are Helping CIOs Expand and Save

Stabilizing your budget spending does not have to lead to stagnation in terms of developing your IT network and improving data availability efficiencies. And while it may seem like a contradiction in terms, CIOs and IT managers are proving that they can cut costs and streamline their budgets all while continuing to invest in infrastructure solutions that boost network performance and increase efficiencies.

In fact, according to this eye-opening report from the CEB, it looks like this is a practice that is already beginning to take place. According to the report, while projected IT budget growth for 2013 is only half of what it was in 2012, CIOs are still moving forward with their plans to dramatically transform and improve their IT efficiencies.

The question becomes: How are they doing it? How are CIOS able to dramatically enhance their IT infrastructures with robust solutions while still controlling and even streamlining costs?

Controlling IT Spending Amidst a Changing Technological Landscape

In truth, in an era of growing virtualization, cloud computing and colocation services, this type of stabilized spending should actually be expected. In fact, according to the Educause Center for Applied Research, CIOs are using the following methods to minimize spending:

  • • 84% of businesses are increasing the use of virtual serves
  • • 76 % of businesses are standardizing hardware
  • • 59% of businesses are consolidating storage to enterprise service
  • • 46% of businesses are increasing the use of server hosting

Since these services allow companies to expand their network infrastructure while reducing their hardware and operating costs, it may be safe to assume that these budgetary trends are only going to continue. And because companies will be able to improve network efficiencies, without incurring increases in their expenses, more time and resources can be dedicated to what is really important – growing the business.

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