Hands on Experience with
Expedient’s Enterprise Cloud

VMware Cloud Verified

Included in Your 30 Day Free Trial

128GB of RAM

1 TB of Disk Storage

Portal Access to Environment

Let Expedient Guide You Along the Way

Included with your test drive sign-up, we offer numerous walk-throughs that can help you setup your environment including:

  Building Virtual Machines (VMs)

  Accessing Catalogs

  Backing up and Restoring

  Using NSX

  Setting up and working with Security Tags

  Building Firewall Rules

  Deploying Containers and Infrastructure as Code

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    Upon approval, you will receive credentials to your environment

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    15 days into the trial, the Expedient solution architect will reach out to you to check on progress and/or questions.

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    At the end of the 30 day trial, your environment will close and your credentials will no longer be valid. To continue with the environment, you can work with the Expedient solution architect for next steps.