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Expedient accounts for the needs of the financial industry.

Financial organizations in the U.S. are facing revenue-growth challenges from increasing regulations and market competition. For example, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has affected retail banking fee-based revenues. Heavy competition is motivating insurers to differentiate their core products with new packages, pricing and services in new channels including mobile. Nearly every financial organization is expanding existing services to its clients through multiple channels. Agile financial organizations can quickly deliver new financial products and services, improve customer engagement, enhance existing revenue and rapidly adapt to new regulations.

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Cost Control

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Risk Mitigation

To meet mandates created by regulations for security and performance, financial services organizations can take advantage of hybrid cloud configurations for many applications. Expedient can provide support for the assessment, analysis and prioritization of a range of computing workloads to cloud-enable some and utilize colocation for others.

Expedient enables Fintech organizations including banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, loan processors and more to take advantage of on-demand capacity and variable costs of cloud computing by transforming core applications for banking, payment processing and insurance. Expedient works with these organizations to modernize their homegrown and third-party systems. These applications can be deployed in a private cloud located in a remote data center or on-site at an existing data center.

The Outcome Financial Industry Organizations Are Looking For

Expedient cloud solutions enable financial services organizations to respond faster to changing regulations, new service opportunities and consumer demands while reducing operating costs. Expedient empowers financial organizations to move beyond the limitations of legacy infrastructure.


Maintain Compliance With Government and Industry Mandates
Financial organizations achieve business outcomes through a combination of the following Expedient services:

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