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Expedient helps customers shop 'til they drop.

Give customers what they want and keep them coming back with best-in-class technology, consumed as needed ensuring cost alignment for a smooth return on investment (ROI).

Retailers and all organizations processing eCommerce transactions work hard to maintain profit margins and therefore cannot afford to miss client engagement opportunities due to technology failure.

Expedient has broad experience serving retailers and other organizations with cardholder data environments and enables them to:

agility with disaster recovery as a service draas


Create the best shopping experience for clients




Cost Control

risk mitigation with disaster recovery as a service draas

Risk Mitigation

The Outcome Retailers Are Looking For

Expedient delivers solutions to help eCommerce/Retail organizations achieve their pursuit of positive online shopping experiences. A flexible engagement process facilitates bimodal and hybrid cloud approaches, with compliance as a complement, freeing organizations to focus on increasing consumer loyalty through omni-channel strategies that streamline logistics by improving inventory forecasting and meeting the diverse expectations of today's shopper.


Expedient is listed on the Visa Global Registry of PCI Compliant Service Providers.
eCommerce/Retail organizations achieve business outcomes through a combination of the following Expedient services:  

Industry Info Pack: Ecommerce/Retail
No Need to Shop Around for Reliable Computing Infrastructure

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