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Delivered 3 Different Ways

One of the key ways Expedient simplifies IT is by offering three different ways for VMware workloads to be delivered and supported.

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Enterprise Cloud

Expedient Enterprise Cloud, the flagship of our cloud offering, enables clients to purchase resource pools as well as dedicated nodes. We give you exactly what you need to scale your resources quickly. No need to refactor applications or learn a new platform. In addition, it offers a single pane of glass management interface with self-service network provisioning, monitoring, and analytics.

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Private Cloud

Applications like Citrix that require full vCenter access can be deployed on top of our Dedicated Private Cloud to ease the maintenance burden of the infrastructure. Additionally, for specialized workloads like Oracle and SAP that have specific licensing requirements, we can support those through our dedicated private cloud offering.

Private Cloud Anywhere Icon

Private Cloud

With our Private Cloud Anywhere service where we can provide a cloud node within a client’s own data center. This provides a cloud-like experience within proximity of mission critical functions like manufacturing lines or retail stores. It then provides access to our complete services portfolio as well as licensing options. Bring the cloud closer.

Have workloads that don’t fit nicely into a box?

If you have specialized workloads like Oracle or SAP, we have options to bring your mission-critical functions into a cloud that works for you. With Expedient Enterprise Cloud dedicated nodes or Dedicated Private Cloud, we can customize the resources to match your licensing so you can maintain compliance with your vendor. This helps save money on unnecessary license increases to match a cloud provider’s standard builds.

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