Object Storage (Evermore)

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Long-term cloud storage for the applications of today, and tomorrow.

A globally-distributed storage platform built for cloud and now brought to you in an easy-to-deploy/scale/manage system.

Scalable storage is necessary to keep pace with the accelerating growth of business data. Instead of trying to time capital investment for future need, the Evermore object storage enables a usage-based subscription model that matches storage supply with data demand.

Cloud applications need a storage system that support the applications of today as well as those that they evolve to in the future. Validating data residency is an important part of having confidence in the platform. Object storage is often used for unstructured data like media--including images, audio and video, documents that aren't accessed frequently and archival of files like logs that require long-term retention.

Evermore delivers the features required to manage and scale object storage behind a firewall. Customers use Evermore for:

  • Archiving active data
  • Serving web content
  • Building private clouds
  • Sharing documents
  • Storing backups

The Outcome You're Looking For®

agility with disaster recovery as a service draas


Classify data and store it according to tailored storage requirements.



Copy data among three geographically diverse locations for redundancy.


Cost Control

Store static content on standard disks that deliver the right level of performance.


Storage Area Network (SAN)
Object Storage (Evermore)
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