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More business means more data.

Matching storage requirements with the right technology can significantly affect capacity, performance and value. Use cases vary, but clients generally have a need for both general computing and archive storage.

  • General computing storage includes data that is accessed with greater frequency and probably requires speed.
  • Archive storage includes data that is accessed with lesser frequency and can be relatively slow.

Choosing one or both storage options requires analysis of the type of data and how it needs to be treated. Some of the considerations include retention intervals, audit needs and regulatory mandates. Expedient offers several storage solutions that limit the potential for data loss of many types and protect it for the long-term.

Some considerations for storage choices include:

  • Drive Type: Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) - choose from one type, or combine them to create a tiered structure that maximizes value. Traditional HDDs delivery capacity and value, but include moving parts that are susceptible to a higher frequency of failure. SDDs contain no moving parts and are capable of higher speed data accessibility, but at a higher comparison cost.
  • Drive Connectivity Type: iSCSI or Fibre Channel - the network for storage can utilize copper or fiber mediums. Fibre channel requires dedicated infrastructure, while iSCSI can utilize Ethernet switches and cabling.
  • Drive Configuration Type: Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) - select one of multiple techniques including disk mirroring and disk striping based upon performance needs for data access. Choose from RAID 0, which features striping but not mirroring redundancy, or RAID 1, which has disk mirroring but not striping. RAID5 delivers a combination of both techniques, but will require greater drive capacity, which will increase cost and sacrifice some performance. Other types of RAID include RAID 1+0 and RAID 50.

Expedient specializes in providing managed storage services that are designed to safeguard data and ensure its availability through backup and disaster recovery solutions. Expedient provides the expertise to choose the right configuration for client data and workload needs.

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