Load Balancing

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Distribute load to preserve availability.

The elimination of single points of failure in production systems is a key tenet in the pursuit of uninterrupted operations. Service interruptions can be costly resulting in losses of productivity and user confidence.

Expedient offers load balancing solutions featuring two-node clusters with local (within the same location) and global (among two or more locations) capabilities. Features including session persistence and SSL/TLS offloading (Transport Layer Security 1.2 or higher) to maximize the performance of critical computing capabilities so applications perform at peak resource capacity.

Apply load balancing to web applications, terminal services and other applications that require:

Expedient managed load balancers are virtual appliances that can be implemented for geographic diversity as part of a disaster recovery plan in the cloud.

The Outcome You're Looking For℠

risk mitigation with disaster recovery as a service draas

Risk Mitigation

Minimize single points of failure for applications by sharing workloads among multiple servers.



Maintain service when a failure occurs with redundant virtual appliances.

Distribute Workloads, Preserve Availability
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