Vulnerability Scanning

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Validate security compliance with actionable information.

Persistent monitoring is required to defend against a changing threat landscape. Changes to networks, systems and applications are constant and even a small oversight can leave information technology infrastructure vulnerable to exploitation and attack.

Vulnerability scanning of the information technology infrastructure can be time-consuming and is too often seen only as a ‘check box’ task that occurs once a year with little operational usefulness.

Expedient facilitates scheduled vulnerability scanning of client infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms enabling:

  1. In-scope asset continuous monitoring for known vulnerabilities
  2. Delivery of useful reports containing a prioritized list of vulnerabilities by severity
  3. Collaborative implementation of mitigation measures including changes to access control lists (ACLs), implementation of operating system patches/hotfixes and more

Expedient provides a variety of compliance and security services that support the shared responsibility relationship of the information technology infrastructure and associated applications.

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Risk Mitigation

Expedient protects against data loss through a combination of the following services:

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