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Hardware enclosures for even the deepest equipment.

Infrastructure technology trends, such as virtualization, consolidation, and adoption of blade servers, mean more devices, more power, and more heat generated in each colocation enclosure. And that means more cable clutter blocking proper airflow, more hot air recirculation concerns, and more cold air leakage, leading to more inefficiency.

Expedient provides server enclosure systems that have been engineered as an optimized system to provide proper front-to-back airflow to prevent hot air recirculation and promote efficient cable management that permits quick and easy installation of new options as servers change.

Cabinet power is delivered from diverse uninterruptable power supply (UPS) sources in 120 volt single phase and 208 volt three phase with a total actual capacity from 15 to 60 amperes. The maximum power draw is 1.9kW per redundant pair of power circuits in order to ensure failover redundancy.

Remote hands and cross connects complement colocation cabinets. Create a hybrid cloud with connectivity to physical colocation networks.

Four (4) or more cabinets can be surrounded by a SlimLine Cage to maximize protection of physical assets without the additional expense of wasted space.


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