Webinar Replay - Trends in Cloud Native

Read Time 1 min.

In this webinar, John White, Expedient’s Chief Innovation Officer, and William Fellows, co-founder of 451 Research, discuss cloud native technologies, enterprise adoption rates, and emerging trends.

Homes.com Consolidates and Migrates Business Critical Applications to Expedient Enterprise Cloud

Read Time 1 min.

Homes.com selected Expedient to improve its IT infrastructure and establish a reliable disaster recovery plan after experiencing rising costs with incumbent providers and realizing its vulnerability to downtime. The Expedient solution, comprised of Expedient Enterprise Cloud, Push Button DR, Cloud Storage, as well as a host of complementary managed services and multi-cloud enablement solutions, has demonstrated a 20% reduction...

Four Ways to Deploy Kubernetes on VMware

Mike Garuccio
Read Time 6 min.

Kubernetes (k8s) is quickly becoming the de facto standard for container orchestration because it provides an effective framework to operate applications built using microservices architecture. Also known as application “containerization,” this approach enables development teams to be more agile, employ continuous delivery practices, and ultimately bring new business applications to market faster. k8s streamlines the management of containerized applications at...

Deploy Kubernetes Clusters Alongside Virtual Machines with Expedient Enterprise Cloud

John White
Read Time 4 min.

Clients utilizing Expedient Enterprise Cloud (EEC) to run virtual machines (VMs) can now leverage the same pool of compute resources to run Kubernetes environments thanks to the Container Service Extension (CSE) to vCloud Director v9.5. CSE enables custom VM templates for quick cluster deployment, which eliminates the need to manually log into servers and run individual commands when making...