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Our customers need a cloud infrastructure that is reliable—one that can perform and operate equal to or better than an enterprise environment.

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Performance you can trust

When you entrust your data and applications to the Expedient cloud, take advantage of services based on Intel Cloud Technology.

Expedient works with Intel Cloud Technology to assure that you can run your workloads on Intel technology that reliably deliver industry leading performance and quality. With Intel Cloud Technology, Expedient delivers a high-quality user experience, even during bursts of increased demand, with performance that can adapt. Fast encryption promotes its pervasive use in protecting data.

When you opt for cloud technology that delivers recognized performance, security, and developer support, you have a cloud that will help drive your business success. Expedient - powered by Intel® Cloud Technology.

”Our customers are looking to compete with very large Fortune 50 or Fortune 100 companies. They need an infrastructure that is reliable -- one that can perform and operate equal to or better than an enterprise environment. We build a cloud platform that delivers the highest level of performance, the highest tier, so our customers can carve out exactly what they need. The Intel Cloud technologies are key to that success.”

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cloud

See the results that Cloud Spectator, a third-party analyst agency, found regarding the performance and value you receive from the cloud as your provider upgrades their infrastructure.

The Expedient cloud powered by Intel, Generation 6 offerings performed better than Generation 3 offerings in the following areas:

  • CPU performance improved by 20%
  • RAM performance improved 245%
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”(Our decision) was dependent on price, performance and support; we didn’t want to compromise on performance, security and all other aspects of quality at the expense of our technical requirements so (Expedient’s) base checked out,”
Dr. Hikyu Lee, president and CEO of Softlinx Inc.

Softlinx needed a colocation and hosting provider that offered guaranteed uptime and compliance support at an affordable price. The company is also in growth mode and needed a provider capable of growing with it and that would be reliable. Find out how Expedient tailored a solution to meet Softlinx’s current and future needs here.

Interactive Blue wanted to establish its own independent architecture as opposed to the shared cloud platform with outdated and inadequate hardware that it had at its previous hosting facility. Finding a cloud and data center provider that was able to help the company find a scalable environment in its budget brought Interactive Blue to Expedient Find out how Expedient helped them here.


  • More computing power with adaption to spikes in your workload.
  • Fast encryption with Intel® Data Protection Technology (with Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions [AES-NI]
  • Excellent technical computing performance with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions


  • Pervasive encryption by reducing the associated performance penalties with Intel® Data Protection Technology (with Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI).
  • Protection on the OS from escalation of privileged attacks with Intel® Platform Protection Technology (with OS Guard).
  • Visibility, control, and compliance by ensuring your cloud workloads run on trusted compute pools , enabled by using Intel® Platform Protection Technology (with Trusted Execution Technology [TXT]

Customer Benefits

Our number one priority for us to deliver to our customers is availability.  With top notch performance and security along with expert staff, we are able to deliver the best cloud solution possible.