Boston: Our Cloud is Your Cloud
In nearby Medford, MA or in one of ten (10) data centers nationwide.

Boston Data Center Facility

1 Cabot Rd, Medford, MA 02155

Boston Data Center Facility
  • 1
    38,000 sq. ft. total floor space, 25,775 sq. ft. raised floor space
  • 2
    HVAC: 650 tons of cooling
  • 3
    Electrical--on floor: breakers, conduit, A/B feed with AC or DC power
  • 4
    Fire suppression: Dry-pipe double interlocked pre-action sprinkler, Fire detection: Thermal and Vesda
  • 5
    (3) 2.2 MW diesel generators
  • 6
    24x7x365 Operations Support Center

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