RAM Performance

Expedient has the highest RAM performance. Expedient has an average of 17,589 Mb/sec, outperforming Amazon’s average of 9,156 Mb/sec by 92% and Rackspace’s average of 7,481 Mb/sec by 135%.

  CPU Performance

Expedient outperformed both Amazon and Rackspace in speed and stability. Expedient has an average speed of 7,557 MIPS, seconded by Rackspace with an average of 3,481 MIPS and Amazon with an average of 2,079 MIPS.

Network Performance

Expedient has an average network throughput of 751 Mb/sec, which is over 1,500% faster than Amazon (46 Mb/sec) and over 2,000% faster than Rackspace (30 Mb/sec).

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For the purpose of generating this document, Cloud Spectator (the third-party consultant) measured the performance of Expedient's virtual machines against comparable offerings from Amazon and Rackspace. Over a period of 15 days, Cloud Spectator ran benchmark tests using similar resources across Expedient Virtual Colocation, Amazon AWS and Rackspace Open Cloud. Each test was ran to understand the unique performance capabilities of each provider's CPU, internal network, RAM and disk. Cloud Spectator accounted for performance capability and stability for each provider in order to understand the value delivered to users.

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