Articles By: Ken Hill

Public Cloud as a Long-Term Platform Strategy

Posted on 09.03.2015 in Cloud Computing

Public Cloud The adoption of the public cloud continues to increase. More and more companies in various industries are incorporating a public cloud strategy into their long-term IT plan. The shear amount of data being accumulated and stored makes public cloud computing the best option for most companies. According to an article on, “[more […]

Data Center Outages, Vol. 3: Human Error

Posted on 11.25.2014 in Disaster Recovery, Data Centers, Infrastructure Availability

An additional common cause of outages is human error. A number of miscalculations at the hand of employees can lead to an outage, costing many companies far more than they can afford to pay or lose. What are the most common examples of human error? Incorrect configuration changes—networks, servers, SANs Incorrect backups Load balancing misconfiguration […]

Data Center Outages, Vol. 2: Connectivity

Posted on 11.20.2014 in Disaster Recovery, Data Centers, Infrastructure Availability

Another cause of service outages is network connectivity. A loss of connectivity resulting in downtime can lead to a number of negative business impacting events. What causes a loss of connectivity? Equipment failure Software crash Human error Denial of service (DoS) attacks Fiber cuts Companies that manage network connectivity in-house to support mission critical applications […]

Expedient Takes on National Cloud Providers in Recent Cloud Spectator Report

Posted on 11.07.2013 in Cloud Computing, Virtual Colocation

Learn how Expedient topped Amazon and Rackspace In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty fast, and the recently released analysis report from Cloud Spectator proves it. Over a period of 15 days, Cloud Spectator, an independent cloud analyst firm, compared the performance of our virtual platform against comparable offerings from Amazon and Rackspace. The results […]

Burstable Virtual Colocation | Variable Memory

Posted on 11.28.2012 in Virtual Colocation

Burstable Virtual Colocation A variable memory offering for true cloud usage with enterprise performance Ideal for customers with experience managing VMware virtual environments but who wish to eliminate the maintenance costs and issues associated with hosting their infrastructure in house, virtual colocation allows you to host your network, server and storage in a virtual environment. Drawing […]

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